St Mary’s

‘The White Church on the Hill’

10.00 Communion Service

A relaxed service in the modern anglo-catholic tradition of the Church of England. We use common worship for our liturgy, we enjoy singing a variety of songs from very new to very old and most in-between, and have a high regard of the Sacrament of Communion, celebrating communion every Sunday morning. We passionately believe Church is for everyone, and hope all feel welcome.
Sunday’s at St Mary’s have been described as ‘reverential chaos’ and we think that sums us up nicely!

  • First Sunday of each month is our all-age service,  where everyone worships in St Mary’s for around an hour.
  • Other Sundays our children leave from St Mary’s to go to the Memorial Hall for our Children’s Church and come back for communion towards the end of the service.

If you’d like to visit us outside of service times, you are very welcome indeed – please call the Rectory office to schedule a convenient time: 020 8841 5691.