12790921_10153479970942602_6650500521430710990_nBaptism (or Christening) in water is the outward sign of commitment to Jesus Christ and membership of His church. As an Anglican Church we baptise people of all ages.

The young children of Christian parents can be baptised during our main Sunday service on the basis that their parents and Godparents make the promises on their behalf, and that they will be brought up as Christians within the family of the church.
Older children, teenagers and adults can be baptised on the profession of their own faith.
In all cases we offer appropriate preparation for those seeking baptism.baptism-331581_960_720
We also offer a service of Thanksgiving for parents who wish to acknowledge God’s gift of a child and pray for His blessing upon them. This may be appropriate for parents who would prefer not to have their baby baptised, for a number of reasons, but would like to mark the occasion still.
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