We understand that arranging a funeral can be both upsetting and complicated and it may not be clear what to do.

If you would like a church funeral, the first step is to contact a funeral director who will contact a minister on your behalf. If the deceased person lived in our parish, or had a connection with St Mary’s or St Richard’s, then why not request that the funeral service be held at our church.

If you do not want a church funeral but would like the service to be conducted at a local crematorium by a minister from St Mary’s or St Richard’s, this can also be arranged, just make your wishes known to the funeral director.  The person who has died did not need to have been a regular churchgoer for us to take the service.

If you have been bereaved then the Church community is here to help and support you through a difficult time.  If you would like to talk to a member of our staff about this, then please contact us and we would be very happy to arrange to meet with you.

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Every year, usually at the beginning of November, we hold a special memorial service to give people an opportunity to remember loved ones who have died.  Do contact us for details of this.